Large Commercial Parasols

Parasols, Umbrellas & Jumbrellas

Parasols and Jumbrellas such as cantilever frames provide excellent shelter from UV rays and the weather. Covers are available in hundreds of fabric colour’s so that you can match your corporate brand identity, with your beautiful printed or unbranded commercial parasols or umbrellas.

We are proud that our UK based manufacturing and assembly, covering, recovering and repair services are helping UK businesses across the country.

Choosing Parasols

We can assist you though the complete process. Usually, a site survey is arranged so that our team can take measurements, discuss the requirements for sun shade.

We can assess the work required to produce an accurate quote for your large umbrellas or parasols.  Our services are UK nationwide.

Domestic Parasols

Parasol are not just supplied to businesses, we also supply a large number of domestic customers.

Garden parasol create the perfect sunshade for residential properties across the UK.

Site Surveys

We survey parasols, umbrellas and jumbrellas across the UK at your premises.

Our trained professionals are able to measure, advise and assess your ideas and requirements to try help to guide you to the best solutions.

Design & Manufacture

We hold the UK's largest stock of Dickson fabric in the Midlands. These are available in a wide range of colours to suit the corporate identity of your company.

Supply & Fitting

We supply and fit parasols and parasol covers in all cities across the UK; Birmingham, London, Glasgow, Anywhere really.

Our Popular Parasol Systems

Schattello Parasol System - Durable Commercial

Schattello is the perfect large parasol umbrella for restaurants and other commercial applications.   If you need large-scale solar protection in outdoor café areas, stylish exterior shading of entertainment spaces, elegant public areas of shelter at trade shows or events then Schattello parasols are what you need.

Schattello is the perfect large umbrella for high professional standards. The success of Schattello is no coincidence: its design features incorporated from Cantral Awnings as a company are finely displayed in this range of large umbrellas.

Why Choose Giant Schattello Parasols

  • Medium shade pole with all-weather protection function
  • Approximately 38 square meters to screen, square screen to 25m2
  • High Wind Safety
  • Robust umbrella rod (aluminum shields)
  • High quality bevel lying inside
  • Cover with selbstspannendem telescopic suspension system
  • Interchangeable fabric quickly and easily
  • Frame made of high quality alloy extruded aluminum profiles
  • All parts absolutely maintenance-free and maintenance free
  • Extremely stable and durable

Filius Parasol System - Domestic & Lightweight Commercial

Filius is the smallest traditional parasol we supply at 1.5m x 1.5m in the square models. This is the usual choice for caterers and commercial use. In term of suitability the Filius is high quality, stable and beautifully designed.

It's lightwieght framework allows quick and easy setup and is ideal for outdoor solar protection in cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars and as event shelters. Rectangular and square parasols can be butted together to create large covered areas if required, an additional guttering could be inserted if requested.

These parasol are available in 3 shapes; round, square and rectangular.  A small Filius would be the 1.5m x 1.5m square parasol all the way up to the 3m x 4m rectangle model.

Why Choose Giant Filius Parasols?

  • Sturdy  aluminum parasol, easy handling
  • Ideal for frequent assembly and disassembly
  • Attractive appearance, adapts to any environment
  • Cover with telescopic suspension system
  • Interchangeable fabric. Quick and easy

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Bespoke Covers

Parasol covers can be made in a wide range of fabric colours, which are not always availble off the shelf.

Having a custom parasol cover can really stand out.

Ambient Environment

Both beautiful and functional.  Not only are parasols nice to look at, they are also excellent for outdoor seating areas they also provide shelter from the sun and rain.

Branding & Printing

Branding and printng commercial parasols and umbrellas either with printed or sign written with logos, crests, emblems both to the panels and valances.