Retractable Roof Systems

Retractable Roof Systems are designed in Italy, built in the West Midlands. All seasons protection from the sun, rain and wind!

Gennius is a brand new original concept in retractable awnings. The Gennius performs well in all seasons for protection from the wind, rain and the sun.  These retractable roof systems can keep you comfortable all year around.

Photos of Retractable Roof Systems

Retracting Roof

The Gennius comes in over 20 different styles of pergola frames, giving many options and fittings with a variety of designs.
The addition of walls and doors, this retractable roof system can help to use an area for outdoor or indoor seating.

Sliding Roof System

The roof slides freely inside the pergola frame allow the option of daylight or to block out daylight and UV rays.

3 ply PVC lined roof allows this retractable roof to be used as an additional indoor area.

Heat & Lighting

These retractable roof systems are also available with audio, heat and lighting packages

Providing the additional benefits of quickly transforming an open seating area, into a sheltered, warm, light relaxing room.