We install hospitality and shop canopies nationwide throughout the UK. The designs below are the most popular from our standard range. However we also offer bespoke production for your specific requirements.

Folding and fixed canopies; wedge, dutch, apex… are made from cast aluminum fittings and high quality anodised aluminum extrusions.

Our canopies are regularly fitted to business premises such as shop fronts, shopping centres, pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Bespoke Canopies

The majority of canopies need to be manufactured bespoke for each building.

The beautiful thing with canopy awnings is the production is so flexible we can make over 20 different designs.

Design & Manufacture

The wedge, the dutch and the cupola are traditional designs of shop front solar protection.

With each frame individually carefully cut, bent and joined bespoke designs can sometimes be accommodated.

Canopy Cover Branding

Canopy covers and valances can be printed with custom artwork and text, company logos or whatever you would like.

Printing your cover and valances could cost a lot less than you think, and a great form of advertising for your business.

Outdoor Areas

Canopies are a very popular covering for all or part of our customers’ terraces, decked or patio areas.

Alfresco dining is become more popular among restaurant, cafe, pub and bar owners.

Shop Canopies

A canopy over your shop front window can provide multiple advantages.

They can protect valuable stock from UV rays, protect customers while shopping, and at the same time display an advert, logo or message.

Entrance & Walkway Canopies

Walkways and entrances can be covered to protect from the sun and rain, and also provide a dry entrance surface.

Wet slippery surfaces can be hazardous but prevented with either an entrance or walkway canopy.
Small Radius Canopy with Short Front Arms

Small Radius Canopy

The small radius corner canopy with short front arms are hand made produced bespoke from high density anodised aluminum.

Small radius corner canopies; shops, newsagents and estate agents.
Large Radius Corner Canopy

Large Radius Canopy

The Large Radius Corner Canopy, manufactured both fixed or folding, operated by a pull cord.

Large radius canopies; butchers, shops and residential properties
Standard Dutch Canopy

Dutch Canopy

The Traditional Dutch Canopy is very popular for estate agents and travel agents.
Dutch canopies printed with logo's and text for advertising.
Large Radius Canopy

Large Radius Corner Canopy

Corner canopies with short front arms are installed across the UK to both commercial and residential premises.
Fixed Wedge Canopy

Fixed Wedge Canopy

Fixed Wedge Canopies are hand built from aluminium with cast components.
Wedge Canopies covered in acrylic canvas or PVC.
Fixed Wedge Canopy with Box Bottom

Fixed Wedge Canopy with Bottom Box

The Fixed Wedge Canopy with Bottom Box is perfect for valance printing and advertising.
Bottom Box Wedge Canopies are made bespoke to order.
Wedge Type Canopy with Apex & Box Bottom

Apex Wedge Canopy with Bottom Box

The Apex Wedge Canopy is perfect for shops, restaurant and other retailers
Bottom Box Apex Wedge Canopies printed for company advertising.
Wedge Type Canopy with Apex

Apex Wedge Canopy

The Apex Wedge Canopy is strong and durabity made from profiled aluminum.
Apex wedge canopies can be install across the UK nationwide.
Fixed Canopy with Vertical Hoops

Fixed Vertical Hoop Canopy

The Fixed Vertical Hoop Canopy can be covered in Dickson canvas canopy cover fabric. All canopies including the Vertical Hoop Canopies have a 5 year warranty.
Bow Blind Canopies

Bow Canopy

The Bow canopies are custom made for each client. Handmade to your specification with beautiful curved panels.
Complete Semi-Circle Canopy

Semi Circle Canopy

The semi circle canopy is normally used in traditional shop windows, to protect valuable stock from VU rays.
Cupola Canopy

Cupola Canopy

The Cupola Canopy is a fixed aluminum frame. Can be manufactured quickly and install anywhere in the UK.
Bow Front Approach Canopy

Bow Front Entrance Door Canopy

The Bow Fronted Approach Door Canopies are very popular for hotels and shopping centres. Providing a large covered area which vehicles can drive underneath.
Existing walkways and door canopy coverings may be re-covered and repair onsite anywhere in the UK.
Triangular Approach Awning

Triangular Walkway Door Canopy

Triangular Walkway Canopies are covered in canvas or PVC.
The walkway covering is durable and ideals for all retail or even residential applications.
Bull Nose Approach Canopy

Bull Nose Approach Canopy

The Bull Nose Walkway Canopy provide a large surface area on the front for printing.
Printed walkway canopies make excellent shelter from both the sun and rain allowing the ground to remain dry in wet weather.
Canopies & Sun Shades for Commercial Use