Photo of Caffe Patio Dutch Canopies Wales
These were existing canopies on the sea front south Wales and had taken everything the weather could throw at them! However, with a little TLC and Central magic we were able to breathe new life into them giving an eye-catching look ensuring many more year’s service. More about Dutch Canopies
Photo of Traditional Awnings Ask Italian Restaurant Wigmore Street
A traditional Victorian awning supplied to Ask Italian Restaurant London.  Each cover was printed with striped with Pantone colour printing, matched colours to suite the company branding. More Bespoke Printed Awning Covers for Restaurants we have recently completed across the UK.
Giant Parasols Recovered & Branded | UK Nationwide Fitting Service
2, 5m x 5m Parasols repaired and recovered, include 4 prints to the sides. The Recsue Rooms boast The Rescue Rooms: Nottingham’s favourite bar and venue. 25 Goldsmith Street, Nottingham NG1 5LB
Bespoke Awning Fabric
For this project our customer picked 2 different colour fabrics to create this distinctive look. We cut the fabric in to desired widths and stitched the panels back together. Our investment in modern plant makes this quick, simple and cost effective as we deal with projects end to end and in house More Bespoke Awning Fabric