Repairs, Restoration & Re-covering
Yes. We specialise in recovering awnings and can usually obtain any parts needed for repair and will service the awning at the same time as recovering.
Awnings must not be left open during windy conditions or heavy rain.  The awning cover is waterproof and can be left open during light rainy conditions. You can leave the awning fixed to the wall all year round. Obviously, semi or full cassettes offer greater protection to the cover fabric.
Shade Sails
Awning Opening If fitted with a sun sensor. *only applicable to electric awnings, and will always be over ridden by the wind sensor, to protect the awning.
Awning Motor Remote Control
Yes. If fitted with a control unit. *only applicable to electric awnings.
Wind Sensors for Residential & Commercial Awnings
Commercial Use Electric awnings with motors and controls, can have an additional sensor added to retract the awning in windy weather conditions.  This is an excellent safe feature that can prevent damage to your awning should an unexpected weather front come along. Motors are used for both residential and commercial buildings an of course will
Commercial Awnings
Awning projections are governed by arm sizes. These usually increase in 500mm (1/2m) 20″ increments, approximately. i.e start 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m. Can be up to 4.5m on specific systems. Read more about design and print pages.
Commercial Use There is a legal height requirement for the front rail or anything project onto a public footpath. This is 6ft 6″ *although this could vary across the country from council to council. Residential Use There are no legal requirement for residential awnings and canopies.
For Commercial Use Usually, awnings that are used on commercial premises have a need for a greater pitch, to allow heavy rain fall to run off. Although awnings are mainly used for solar protection. This has multiple advantages; by ramping the awning down it allow more visibility of any print on the main cover and
5 Year Guarantee - Awnings, Canopies, Parasols & Shop Blinds Sun Shade
All of our awnings are guaranteed for 5 years.  Both the awning unit and the covers, are covered.